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Featured 2.0

From 2012 to 2020, we had an extraordinary journey with our travelers, hosts, and transporters to create On this journey, we have created so many beautiful memories, conceived numerous empowering ideas, cooperated with grassroots rural communities, and built a brand to make traveling better. We initiated a change in the Indian online travel sector and made "homestays" main stream. From 2019, we were slowing down our customer operation. Partly because, the team members were relocating, but mainly because we felt that we have done what we had expected to do. In 2020, pandemic hit us, a devastating unprecedented phase for the industry, but also a long hibernated time to reflect and take a call about the uncertainty of future. We decided that will remain alive but move towards a travel and lifestyle consultancy domain. So it means while it will remain in travel business but it ( 2.0) will primarily focus on planning instead of ground handling and als

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